Welcome to Kairos CoMotion!

Our heart is wide open to you ...
(2 Corinthians 6:11b)

We are excited to welcome every one of you! It has long been a hope of ours to have the church be a place where, "Our heart is wide open to you" is spoken with truth and integrity; where these words are truly embodied.

In the face of a growing exclusiveness within the United Methodist Church, we see many being left out and left behind. We know well the woundedness and dis-integration this creates in hearts and souls. And we also know that our determination is immeasurably impoverished when it discounts and rejects good, faithful, creative people.

Jesus commanded, "Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and love your neighbor as yourself." Love God and neighbor - this is not multiple choice. Like so many of you, we have felt restless and frustrated in the presence of such disparity between the Gospel of Christ and the practice of the church.

In the wee hours of a gloomy October night in 2000, we made a decision to address our restlessness - and the dream of Kairos CoMotion emerged. The dream was and is to bring together a visible, active community of progressive Christians from a variety of perspectives and places with a variety of gifts and graces. We rejoice that this event brings us together and helps move us from isolation and invisibility to community and celebration.

In that late-night conversation, the name Kairos CoMotion came first. Kairos, a Greek word, signifies the ripeness, the fullness of God's time. NOW IS THE TIME for God's expansive love and compassion to be realized.

"CoMotion" became the companion word which speaks of movement and Spirit-energy - moving together in partnership with God and one another. CoMotion, as in "commotion," also reminds us that as we respond faithfully to God's visionary invitation, there will be a terrific commotion as lives and faith communities are transformed and made new.

We cannot end this letter without expressing our deepest gratitude to the Kairos CoMotion planning team. If not for their unwavering enthusiasm, energy, dedication and vision we would not be at the threshold of this kairos moment.

We offer our thanks to them, and to each of you, for sharing the dream and for joining us on this sacred journey.

The dream is alive! How Kairos CoMotion will unfold remains to be seen - we simply offer our faithfulness and leave the increase to God.

Peace, passion and hope,

Amy DeLong and Lynn Church