Response to Wisconsin Association of Confessing United Methodists (WACUM)

WACUM, on their website in January and February 2002, indicated they would have representatives attend the Kairos CoMotion celebration "primarily because of the keynote speaker, Bishop Spong." They did list some of Bishop Spong's theses with the warning before the list to "take an antacid first."

WACUM indicated their desire to monitor Kairos CoMotion - "With a keynote speaker espousing such outlandish assumptions, we're interested in some of the workshops being offered - especially since the steering committee is led by Wisconsin United Methodists :o("

[note: the frowning face was part of their message. This symbol, along with language about "antacid" and "outlandish", indicate the mood with which they would attend and in which they did report.]



The following response to the Kairos CoMotion celebration is found at   This site may be different now. We simply report what it looked like in March and April 2002.

If you are interested in what happened at Kairos CoMotion with our United Methodist conference leadership and the questionable Bishop Spong, feel free to read the news reports found at


We appreciate the link and do feel that going to source material is important.

Putting "conference leadership" and "questionable Bishop Spong" next to each other in the same sentence can only be an attempt to attach the negatively-charged "questionable" language to our Annual Conference. This guilt by association is classic propaganda material.

We affirm Bishop Spong is an excellent raiser of questions, is able to receive questions, and does respond clearly to questions.

Please be assured that Wisconsin's Confessing Movement continues to affirm the basic doctrines which United Methodists proclaim.  We affirm such things as Jesus Christ as God's Son, our Savior and Lord. If you would like more information, browse the buttons on the left column (i.e. Our Confession)   We affirm affirmations as a good way to live.
Kairos CoMotion, on the other hand, desires a "Progressive Christianity" which believes Jesus as someone equal to Ghandi and Martin Luther King - a marvelous person who lived love.  They deny the Virgin Birth, the atonement and forgiveness offered at the cross,  miracles and the super-natural, and yes, even the Easter resurrection.  

We affirm our affirmations, not those WACUM attempts to attribute to us.

Go to to see what we do affirm. Note that we do not phrase our affirmations in creedal language, but attempt to deal with lived experience.

Special note to Progressive Christians, if this is not accurate, please email    We recommend that people not respond to this request. Our experience with WACUM, Good News, Confessing Movement, IRD, etc. is that clarifying definitions is a never-ending process that ends up locking people into unreal positions. To proceed further is to leave oneself open to further misrepresentation as evidenced by how WACUM has already misdefined "Progressive Christianity."


[Additional side-by-side responses are available here.]


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