Response to UnOfficial Confessing Movement Page



The webmaster of the The UnOfficial Confessing Movement Page reported about Bishop Rader's presentation by adding a title for a link to our site.

Their title is:

UM Bishops Give Battle Cry To Rebel Against Church Discipline At Pro-homosexuality "Kairos CoMotion" Event


Note several things about this style of editorial headlining:

  • expansion from one Bishop to all Bishops,
  • the language of "battle cry to rebel against church discipline" reflects neither the tone or the content of the original report nor the planning of the whole Kairos CoMotion celebration - we intentionally focused on the language of inclusion and love, not rebellion and war,
  • the attribution of this presentation being part of a "Pro-homosexuality" event is not borne out by the article which only mentions "gay and lesbian" as a part of a list.

We affirm what Bishop Rader saw in Kairos CoMotion, "The purpose of this event is to build community .... toward greater justice, hope, reconciliation...."

We affirm that God's "kingdom" is furthered when the voice of progressive Christians is heard and honored within the whole Body of Christ.

We affirm that not even misrepresentation will stop us investing our "talents" in people's lives. We will continue to be present with those who are literally, spiritually, or metaphorically hungry, thirsty, homeless, shivering, sick, and imprisoned. We affirm that whenever we are present with someone overlooked or ignored, we are with Jesus. (read Matthew 25)



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