Janet Wolf           Jlwolf@comcast.net               Booklist for 2005

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Video resources:

Veterans of Hope Video Series, Vincent Harding, Iliff School of Theology, Denver, Colorado Interviews veterans of peace and justice movements, exploring role of religions/spirituality in their lives and work; focus on veterans of the civil rights movement. 303-765-1445

Glidepath to Recovery, 2002.  Family Theater Productions, 800-299-7729.

Long Night's Journey into Day: South Africa's Search for Truth and Reconciliation, 94 min., California Newsreel, 149 9h St. #420, San Francisco, CA 94103 415-621-6196

Restoring Justice: For Victims, Communities and Offenders, Presbyterian Church USA PDS#72-630-96-720; 888-728-7228